Food Products for Dogs and Cats:

After 30 years of practice, seeing the animals on these diets and how well they do compared to other brands, these are the food brands I prefer to endorse.

  • Hill's Science Diet
  • Hill's Prescription Diet
  • IVD (veterinary diet)
  • Eukanuba (veterinary diet)

Flea Control Products:

I continually work to stay current with the latest and most effective flea control products. These are the best available today for quick kill and long-lasting effectiveness. 

  • Nexgard/Nexgard Plus (dogs & cats)
  • Revolution (dogs & cats)
  • Sentinel (dogs)
  • Trifexis (dogs) 
  • Frontline Gold (dogs & cats)

Heartworm Products:

There are a multitude of heartworm control products. We like the proven effectiveness of the ingredient in these two products. Both contain milbemycin. The difference is in the flea control.

  • Sentinel - contains Program for flea control
  • Trifexis - contains Comfortis for flea control
  • Nexgard Plus (COMING SOON!)